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Red-lipped batfish (Ogcocephalus darwini)

Posted in animals with tags , , , , on February 18, 2013 by rockyc5

red lipped batfish

According to the NOAA (Natinoal Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)) approximately 95% of Earth’s oceans remain unexplored. This leaves thousands of species to inhabit the seas unnoticed…until eventually discovered.

Take this red-lipped batfish for instance. It can be found 20 to 30m from the surface of the Pacific Ocean, off of the coast of the Galapagos Islands. Aside from the bright red lips that give this fish its name, it is also a very poor swimmer. So, how does it travel you might ask.. Well, it uses its fins to “walk” along the ocean’s floor. In addition, like the angler fish, it has a structure called an illicium on the top of its head used to attract prey (i.e. fish, shrimp, mollusks).

New species are found every. single. day. If this creature exists here today, imagine what else is out there! Help conserve these critters and share these great wildlife discoveries with family and friends. Everyone deserves to learn about the beauty Mother Earth holds.